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"What kind person is Ken LaSalle? When I first made contact with Ken it was through an email regarding his Celebrity Pigs and Petting Zoo, he seemed to me a very enthusiastic person. When he emailed me back I was excited to meet him at convention, which I did, the rest is history as they say.

Ken came to our fair for the first time; little did I know that we were the first fair he entertained in which was 40 years ago. What a performance, the stands were filled for each show for the entire weekend.
Ken was instrumental in teaching us how to go about getting sponsors for the pig races. He showed us how to get further contacts.   Throughout the weekend he was great the children enjoyed getting their pictures with the little piglets as well as the grownups, very exciting.

To me personally I learned a lot from him, the kind words of encouragement and his gentle way of explaining things that I did not understand. I have been on the Board of Directors for 6 years and President for the last two (2), I have been in constant contact with Ken and his wife, together they are truly two amazing people.

CAFE Award 2013

The Petting Zoo is fantastic, the animal stars, the donkey (especially Pumpkin) he liked to give you a little poke in the rump with his snout. If there was an award for cleanliness, this petting zoo will win hands down. All of the animals are fun for the kids to pet and feed, it went over great at our fair and I hope to bring them back next year.

You know, I lost my son–in-law on October 5th of this year, and Ken was a phone call away, again with his words of encouragement and his humour, he knows how to make the people laugh, and he well known for his wit and sense of humour, performance wise he is the best and to go on for 40 years well that to me is outstanding."

Darlene Durham

Niagara Regional Agricultural Society
1100 Niagara Street North,
Welland, Ontario'L3C 1M6

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